Krishna engineering accepted as well affluent organization, engaged in manufacturer and supplier of a variety of ETO Sterilizer that is device work on basis of ethylene oxide sterilization. They have outstanding features such as user-friendliness, robustness, reliability and high functionality, excellent dimensional precision etc.

We are also offers high performance and qualitative range other products incorporates pharma steam sterilizers, medical autoclave, eto gas sterilizer, continuous steam allied with e.t.o sterilizer in India

ETO Sterilizer Supplier In India

Our proffer EO sterilizer combines the requirements of sterilize temperature and humidity sensitive objects with the assurance of sterility in a safe and economical way. By use of our eto sterilizer, sterilized medical devices are pass on the tests such as bio burden, product sterility and biological indicator testing.

Krishna engineering is a renowned eto sterilizer machine exporter and manufacturer from ahmedabad, India. Although the company commenced its journey in 2000, it plunged into direct in the field since its establishment. Today, the company incorporates 17 years of experience in providing sterilization solutions to a wide array of industries and applications. Krishna’s versatile, high quality and flexible range of equipment have won the trust of many established brands in the market.

With all the reputed eto sterilizer users in medical & pharmaceutical industries, we occupy a respectable space in the industry. Our food sterilizer and industrial retort machine are well known in food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical industries for assist in their sterile requirements. Our products are demanded in diverse countries, mainly in Colombia, Italy, Philippines, Taiwan, Croatia, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

What is Sterilization ?

Sterilization is most important process that destroys all microorganisms on the exterior of instruments and devices widely used in medical, food and beverages, hospitals, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries. Nowadays Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization is most prevalent procedures for sterilization.

How Does Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Work?

Our company is topmopst company that involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of ETO Sterilizer is device having sealed chamber in which sterilization process is done through ethylene oxide under high vacuum pressure and low temperature.

In , ethylene oxide is used in gas form because it easily mixed with other substances like steam. The main work of it is to perform sterilization in batch. It has three processing phases contains pre-conditioning, sterilization and aeration.

In pre conditioning stage, the chambers will preheat and rich even temperature, relative humidity and vacuum hence operators can load the product into the chamber. After load the product the second phase sterilization is starts. In sterilization involves exposing products to E.T.O gas which reduce the level of infectious agents from the surface of products. This might be takes long time, varied according to sizes of products. In last phase, products will take out from gassing and eliminate remaining EO that assures the safety of sterilized products.

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We committed to not just satisfy our customer’s requests but also represent their panorama hence we put forward products that match international standards of quality.