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We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the ETO sterilizer (Ethylene Oxide sterilizers) are illustrious worldwide for the sagacity we hold in the segment of the ETO sterilizer, which is manifested from a long list of the clientele and their retention with our brand for the second to none results our range of the ETO sterilizer delivers. We have been involved in the business for more than 15 years and the experience all through have enabled us to come with modernized technology to optimize medical sterilization and comply with the miscellaneous needs imposed by the vast range of products to be sterilized.

The solitary objective behind the engineering of the ETO sterilizer (Ethylene Oxide sterilizers) is to propose an effective technology for sterile medical and pharmaceutical products that are not compatible with other methods such as Gamma and steam sterilization. All the proposed  ETO sterilizers are in synchronization with the required quality standards and accessible at the lowest possible rates in the market. By means of the offered one can sterilize all the devices that cannot be sterilized with the steam and high temperatures, such as Plastic products/packaging, Electronic ETO sterilizer components, Custom kits, Assembled complex devices, Catheters, Multi-lumen tubing products, Wound care dressings and analogous one.

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We are committed to provide unmatched quality  ETO sterilizer Manufacturer at the lowest prices, complimented by our prompt pre sales and after sales service & support, on which consumers can rely and get out when reach out to us. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know- how of modern techniques, combined with our most efficient customer support and service backup.

ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

Widely used technology:

More than half of the medical devices are sterilized by means of the Ethylene Oxide; its greater compatibility with the extensive material range is a substantial cause for its widespread popularity among consumers.

Ideal for delicate Items:

The offered range of potent to deal with most delicate items too, that is the bottom line of our prowess in ETO technology.

High efficiency:

The design is carried out ingeniously to reduce the consumption of the gas, which consumes almost 90% less gas to achieve high level disinfection than others.

FDA recommends ETO:

The Food Drugs Association has given green signal to the ETO sterilization, and has declared it an absolutely human safe practice.

Optimum material compatibility:

As the sterilization process is gentle, materials sterilized with EO are not exposed to damage from excessive heat, moisture or radiation and hence all the plastic devices used in the medical can be sterilized with our ETO sterilizer.

Effective on packed Gamut:

It is possible to sterilize producing packaged for shipment by means of the provided sterilizer, thanks to the ability of EO to infiltrate sealed films and cartons.

Powerful for complex devices:

The high difusibility of the EO helps reach complex devices or packages, where liquid and steam are failed.

No adverse effect on materials:

The temperature at which ETO sterilization performed is gentle and hence there is no single adverse effect on material undergoes, like dulling, melting, denaturalizing and corroding.

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ETO Gas Sterilizer In India

Our ETO Gas sterilizer is a modernized approach to sterile medical and pharmaceutical devices that are not compatible with the steam and high temperatures, where in the sterilization of the devices is accomplished through exposure to ethylene oxide gas (ETO/EO). The subjected ETO gas penetrates product or packing and destroys all the micro organisms left at the production stage or packaging operation. The ETO gas used in the sterilization is incorporated can be incorporated with different types of diluents such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N) as per the requirements, ranging from 10% ETO to 90% ETO.

The offered ETO sterilizer completes sterilization in three principal stages that are pre conditioning, sterilization and aeration, which are operated by a fully automatic PLC with touch screen control system, equipped with the offered ETO sterilizer. Our attentiveness towards the design of the PLC system and the entire ETO sterilizer system makes the offered ETO sterilizer completely user friendly device that is easy to operate and regulate.

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Sterilization of the medical or pharmaceutical equipment is substantially in the field of medical, cause of overlooking of the product sterilization or adapting to ineffective sterilization technology thousands of patients die per year or get infected with a fatal disease that ultimately turns into death. At this point ETO sterilizer emerges as the life saver, why is mentioned below

Our ETO sterilizer prevents the spread of diseases

The sterilization of the device is essential ahead of use to prevent diseases, whilst the sterilization followed by use is also imperative to prevent the spread of disease. For an instant, if surgical equipment is not sterilized thoroughly, there is potential that next patient can be exposed to a disease the former patient suffers from. The sterilization of such used medical equipment kills the bacteria and ensures prevention of several debilitating and compromising diseases (AIDS).

Our ETO sterilizer prevents double surgeries.

The use of unsterilized or improperly sterilized equipment while used in surgical operations, chances are high that the patient gets infected during the operation and spread over gradually, which ultimately raise a need to perform an operation again and remove it.

Our ETO sterilizer prevents the growth of diseases.

The sterilization process prevents the intensification of bacteria and hence various diseases caused by the bacterial infection.

Industrial Sterilizer Machines

We committed to not just satisfy
our customer’s requests but also represent their panorama hence we put forward products that match international standards of quality.



ETO Sterilizer Gujarat


ETO Sterilizer Gujarat


ETO Sterilizer Gujarat
Surgical ETO Sterilizer

Surgical ETO Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer Gujarat
Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer

Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer Gujarat


ETO Sterilizer Gujarat


ETO Sterilizer Gujarat
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ETO Sterilizer Gujarat

Material compatibility chart of our ETO Sterilizer:

Material Steam Sterilizing Response Radiation Sterilizing Response Ethylene Oxide Sterilizing Response Dry Heat Sterilizing Response
Acetal Good No Good Good
Acrylic Poor Good Good  
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Varies Good Good  
High-density polyethylene Good Good Good  
Nylon Varies Good Good No
Polycarbonate Varies Good Good Good
Polyglycolic acid No No Good  
Polymethyl pentene Good Poor Good Ok, no load
Polypropylene Good  Varies Good Ok, no load
Polypropylene and polyethylene copolymer G Good Good Good Ok, no load
Polystyrene Poor Good Good  
Polysulfone Good Good Good Yes
Polyurethane Poor Good Good  
Polyvinyl chloride Varies Varies Good  
Polyvinylidene fluoride Good Good Good  
Silicone Good Good Good Low Temp
Teflon Varies No Good Ok

About Ethylene-Oxide (ETO) used in the ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide is in the form of gas that is 1.5 times heavier than air, which is likely to settle along the floor.

  • This gas is colorless and odorless, at a concentration below 500 ppm.
  • This gas has a sweet smell, at a concentration below 500 ppm.
  • This gas vaporize, if the temperature goes about 50°F (10 °C)
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ETO Sterilizer Gujarat
Ethylene Oxide Processing

The ability of the Ethylene oxide to disorder the DNA of microorganisms has made it a favored choice in the medical world to accomplish a sterilization of the wide variety of medical devices. This ethylene oxide is also reckoned as the EO or ETO in the medical world and is used in sterilization of medical devices, in which medical products are exposed to the ethylene oxide gas under vacuum in a sealed chamber. The sterilization achieved through ethylene oxide processing assures that a safe and 100% sterile product will be delivered to the market.

Application Scope of our ETO sterilizer

The provided ETO sterilizer uses ETO gas to achieve the sterilization, which holds a considerable potency to penetrate a number of layers of breathable packaging, making it perfect for the sterilization of the assorted gamut of material not attuned with other methods of sterilization. Our standardized range of the ETO sterilizer can be used to sterile:

  • Plastic products/packaging
  • Electronic components
  • Equipment with integrated-electronics
  • Custom kits
  • Assembled complex devices
  • Catheters / Stents
  • Multi-lumen tubing products
  • Wound care dressings and analogous one.
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ETO Sterilizer Gujarat

However, it is essential to consult experts ahead of deciding on the type of sterilizer you select; we as a manufacturer of ETO sterilizer comprehends the conundrum of the end user and therefore have developed a team of experts who are just one call far from you to provide consulting pertaining to ETO sterilization and solve queries too… call back for assistance today, it’s FREE..!

The Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Process

The ETO sterilization process accomplished by means of our ETO sterilizer is mainly involves three principal steps that are:

  1. Environmental Preconditioning
  2. Sterilizer Stage
  3. Degasser Stage
Environmental Preconditioning:

The purpose of incorporating this phase is to provide bacteria with an ideal growing environment so that endospores (bacteriums DNA) will become exposed to the EO/ETO (ethylene oxide). The entire process is executed in the ETO sterilizer under the controlled environment of Temperature and humidity.

Sterilizer Stage

The temperature control is pivotal in this phase, which can automatically regulate by means of the integrated PLC system, whilst heating jacket is used. Once all the parts are checked, the process of sterilization starts automatically. The error detection system in the ETO sterilizer does not permit the operation to start, if there is any problem detected with the door in order to ensure the safety of the personnel.

Initial Evacuation Nitrogen Dilution Conditioning EO/EtO Injection & Dwell EO/EtO Removal Nitrogen Wash Air Inbleed

On the instigation of the sterilization process, all the necessary data are displayed on the screen, including, the actual phase of sterilization, key set points, and tolerances as loaded, key process values, and also other critical data can be easily inspected through the there of. Further, the provided ETO sterilizer is designed to stop the process automatically, in case of abnormal condition occurs. Additionally, the system is also potent to determine the reason of stoppage immediately after the occurrence. This facility of ETO sterilizer called “auto batch” reduces the downtime of the cycle. On the successful execution of the entire sterilization, the batch is forwarded to the degassing room.

Degasser Stage

Followed by successful completion of the sterilization, it is forwarded to the degasser stage of the ETO sterilizer, where heated air is constantly circulated through the aeration area in order to remove any particle of ETO from the sterilization load.

Importance of ETO Sterilizer in pharmaceutical & medical industries

Sterilization is almost 120 years long back invention, however the technological advancement and changing dependency of the pharmaceutical and medical products has raised the need of the ETO sterilization for the below mentioned causes:

  • In this era, highest numbers of medical devices are made of plastic for single usage purpose, which accounts, gloves, syringes, catheters and other products made of the same material that requires a low sterilization process.

  • ETO is only the gas used in the ETO sterilization process that has proven its ability to sterilize plastic products without changing its physical properties.
  • The ETO sterilization operates at lower temperatures, and is only the processes that accomplish sterilization at such lower temperature.

ETO Sterilizer Price in India

Apart from contriving product of the highest quality, regular sales of the product is principal for business success and that can be achieved through maintaining the right price of the product.  Pricing ETO sterilizer at the most competitive rates abreast maintaining quality of the same is not a piece of cake for the newbie in the business, deep know how in the technology abreast experience are the foundation to obtain high quality ETO sterilizer at competitive rates and we as a manufacturer of the ETO sterilizer possess both enabling to propose an unrivalled quality and efficient ETO sterilizer at the best prices in India as well as other countries and that we called our strength that set us apart from competitors and promote lead in the market.

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