ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Ethylene oxide (ETO) is a colorless gas that is highly effective in destroying microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores. Items to be sterilized are placed in a sealed chamber, and ETO gas is introduced. The gas penetrates the packaging and the materials of the items, killing microorganisms by disrupting their DNA.

A Sterilizer is an equipment that uses ethyl oxide in the form of gas or vapor to disinfect heat-sensitive and chemically abrasive medical instruments and devices. With the help of this equipment, it is possible to dismantle the growth of microorganisms and prevent medical devices from degradation. Ethylene oxide used in the sterilizer is safe for delicate instruments and leaves no residue after the sterilization process is complete.

ETO is used in healthcare facilities to sterilize critical items (and sometimes semicritical items that are moisture or heat sensitive and cannot be sterilized by steam sterilization.

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Krishna Engineering - ETO Sterilization Manufacturer

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Krishna Engineering, established in 2000, is precisely engaged in producing superior-grade sterilization equipment to safeguard medical devices in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and clinical laboratories.

We have a well-established infrastructure and an efficient team of experienced professionals that help us design and develop all types of sterilizing equipment used for microbe development or disease prevention.

We have a rich vendor base that provides us with the best quality raw materials for manufacturing extremely high-quality sterilizing equipment all materials are under the latest directives and principles used by industrialists for structuring sterilizing equipment, upheld by modernization.

How Does ETO/EO Sterilize?

Every step has its importance: firstly, preconditioning for making infectious agents come out of hibernation. Secondly, sterilization is the process of exposing the sterilizing agent at a specified temperature with relative humidity at a certain pressure level. And thirdly, aeration: takes place in a specific chamber to remove ETO particles. Variables such as temperature and time are noted during the process of sterilization. The temperature range in which the entire sterilization process takes place is between 37 °C and 63 °C. The physical parameters on which the process stands are relative humidity and temperature. It takes about 36 to 48 hours for sterilization. In this process, the hydrogen molecules present in the instrument that boost microbial growth do not get enough nutrition for evolution, resulting in cell damage and the breakage of the reproducing chain that stops further development.

Applications For ETO Sterilizer

Industrial ETO Sterilizer

ETO sterilizers have broad applications in a wide range of industries for the purpose of disinfecting industrial equipment that is heat-sensitive in nature and cannot tolerate exposure to abrasive chemicals. Industrial applications of ETO sterilizers involve electronic equipment, plastic components, packaged products, and containers.

Surgical ETO Sterilizer

Surgical ETO sterilizer is the equipment used for disinfecting surgical instruments and devices that are extremely delicate and cannot withstand excessive heat temperatures. It is used to safeguard medical tools and accessories from microbes and bacteria attacks.

Food Steam Sterilizer

Food steam sterilizer is equipment that uses excessive heat temperatures to kill microorganisms present in the food products. The temperature range from 121°C to 134°C and rapid cooling of the product is initiated. Food products are placed in this device and pressured steam is passed for killing the microorganisms present on them and the whole process is an autoclave.

Pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers

Pharmaceutical ETO (ethylene oxide) sterilizers are used to sterilize medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceutical products using ethylene oxide gas. Ethylene oxide is a potent sterilizing agent that is effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores.

Herbal Steam Sterilizer

Herbal steam sterilizers are devices used to disinfect heat-sensitive herbal products ranging from herbal powders, products, seeds, botanical products, and spices. High-pressure steam of temperature up to 102°C to 122°C for about 30-40 seconds is passed on herbal products to decontaminate them from microbial attacks.

Hospital Steam Sterilizer

A hospital steam sterilizer, also known as an autoclave, is a medical device used to sterilize equipment and supplies using high-pressure steam. Steam sterilization is a widely used method for deactivating microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores, to prevent the spread of infections in healthcare facilities.

Features & Specifications of Krishna ETO Sterilizer

  • Our produced ETO sterilizers are safe and easy to operate
  • The entire sterilization process takes place in vaccum chambers.
  • The chambers of the sterilizing devices are made with special quality 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Excellently designed and accurately operated sterilizing equipment. 
  • No chance for ETO stagnation and aeration until the chamber is opened.
  • Competitive in terms of flexible use and compact size ensure easy adaptability.
  • Our ETO sterilizers are exceptionally safe to use and do not have any damaging effects.
  • Optimum ETO sterilization with 100% accuracy can be achieved while using our medical devices.
  • This equipment does not comprise cylindrical deposits and therefore no gas leakage is ensured.
  • Fixed EO gas concentration in cartridges as per the chamber sizes ensures zero heat exposures or no chance for higher residual levels.
  • Power voltages and size of the ETO sterilizers can be adjusted as per the required use.
  • Our ETO sterilizers are best in their use and have achieved global standard certifications.
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