What is ETO Sterilizer ?

ETO Sterilizer is a potent sterilization system that employs Ethylene oxide gas for sterilizing devices, equipments, tools and materials in the Pharmaceutical industries & laboratories, surgical tools and instruments industries, food and beverage industries, surgical tools and instruments industries etc.

This type of sterilizer equipment is very appropriate for any object that cannot tolerate high temperature. Since it uses ethylene oxide gas it is very effective, as this gas alters the DNA of microorganisms and thereby curbs their further reproduction. It is very capable in destroying all types of detrimental pathogen including bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.

Krishna engineering is the leading ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer of India. We manufacture our products as per the contemporary technology in compliance to the industrial standards. Our pieces of equipment are esteemed among our clients for their very potent and durable functionality.

eto gas sterilizer

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