Clinic ETO Sterilizer

A Clinic ETO Sterilizer is equipment or a device used for protecting instruments and devices that cannot tolerate high levels of heat, temperature, or chemical exposure. ETO Sterilization is a low temperatures process and which is why used for delicate equipment present in medical laboratories and tools used in surgeries. The services this type of ETO Sterilizer offer on clinical instruments is impeccable. ETO Sterilization does not harm or cause any damaging effect on the clinical equipment. This type of sterilization is done on equipments that cannot bear normal steam sterilization. It is a low-temperature process that involves preconditioning, conditioning, and aeration of clinical equipment. Every process during the sterilization takes place-specific under chambers made with 316-grade stainless steel. In the sterilization process, ETO is either used as gas or steam to quarrel out the hydrogen molecules that help in the nutrition of bacteria or protozoa present on the equipment to prevent fragmentation. ETO is safe and leaves no residue after sterilization.

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ETO Sterilizer Gujarat

We are the leading manufacturer of clinical ETO Sterilizers. We produce a customized range of ETO Sterilizers used in all types of clinical laboratories and surgical units. The service of clinical sterilizers is accurate in terms of price and stability. The operation requires a specific temperature and period for efficient operation. Our produced sterilizers provide long-lasting support, and we offer these in the required sizes as per the requirements. We have equipped testing units in our company; that check the quality of sterilizers before setting them for delivery. The price is economical you can contact us anytime as we deliver everywhere in the national and international market.

Technical specifications of Clinic ETO sterilizer:

Size in mm

Size in Inch

Volumetric Capacity in FT

Liter Capacity

600 X 300 X 300

24” X 12” X 12”



610 X 406 X 406

24” X 16” X 16”



1250 X 305 X 305

48” X 12” X 12”



762 X 457 X 457

30” X 18” X 18”



900 X 610 X 610

36” X 24” X 24”



1250 X 610 X 610

48” X 24” X 24”



Features of clinic ETO sterilizers:

  • Light in weight, easy to operate and fully auto operated spare parts
  • LED Screen for instructing the phases of operation
  • Available in different storage capacities
  • High quality service ensured for microbial prevention or disinfection
  • PLC based system for hassle free operation
  • Leak proof stainless steel chambers
  • The entire sterilization process takes places in three stages
  • ETO is safe for delicate equipment have no side effects
eto sterilizer suppliers mumbai
ETO Sterilizer Gujarat

Applications of clinic ETO sterilizers:

  • Delicate instruments used in hospitals
  • Hand pieces, rubber products and containers made of plastics
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Surgical units
  • Pharmaceutical industries

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