Single Door ETO Sterilizer

Single Door ETO Sterilizer is a device used in laboratories and different types of medical units to safeguard medical equipments from bacterial infections. It is available in single door and double door variant. You can choose the best as per your infrastructural suitability. This type of ETO Sterilizer is best on equipments that cannot tolerate heat or steam sterilization and may wear out during extreme temperatures. Surgeons use different electronic equipment during operations that are not in the condition to withstand extreme temperature or heat sterilization. Therefore ETO Sterilizers remain a suitable option to disinfect such devices. Our single door ETO Sterilizer is the best-proven technology made by experts; who are well aware of the damaging effects on delicate instruments and have framed a range of sterilizing equipments that better suits those requirements of treatments centers at their best.

ETO sterilizer suppliers mumbai
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Single Door ETO Sterilizer is a fully automated machine that works under low temperature to disinfect medical devices and keep them safe from bacterial attacks for a long time. It is available in different sizes and shapes- mainly horizontal and cylindrical. The cost is reasonable, and we even make suitable changes in the offered sterilizers as per the requirements of our valuable customers. So, if you are searching for fair priced ETO Sterilizer that can suit your sterilizer requirements, then make us a call; our experts will provide you with the best available sterilizer that suits your need to an edge.

Technical specifications of the Single Door ETO Sterilizers:

Electric Heaters

6 kW

Vacuum Pump Power

1.5 HP

Water Circulation Pump Power

0.5 HP

Working Pressure

1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2

Working Temperature

55 to 60 Degree


Stainless Steel

Type Of Sterilizer

Single Door Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Chamber Dimension

4x4x6 Feet


2 Year

Automation Grade

Fully Automatic


Krishna Engineering

Chamber Volume

2.72 m3

Features of the Single Door ETO Sterilizers:

  • Suitable easy to handle modular constructions.
  • Fully automated operation with PLC-based control unit.
  • Higher productivity in less time.
  • Spare parts and chambers of 304/306 stainless steel.
ETO sterilizer suppliers mumbai
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Applications of the Single Door ETO Sterilizers:

  • Instrumental in protecting microbial infection on medical instruments.
  • Protection of spices dried herbal powder packs and pharmaceutical products.
  • Surgical devices such as disposable syringes, injections, and other sterile equipment.

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