Double Door ETO Sterilizer

A Double Door ETO Sterilizer is another variant of the pharmaceutical ETO Sterilizers we produce. It works under lower temperatures to disinfect medical devices that are heat sensitive and cannot hold exposures to abrasive chemicals. It is magnificent in killing the toughest microbes; it is peaceful enough to maintain the integrity of the material to protect it from any damage during sterilization. The process used by our machine is fully auto-equipped, as there is three-phase of operation; preconditioning to hibernate the unwanted microbes present, conditioning to destroy the bacteria, and aeration to keep of the left out chemicals or substances and disinfect devices for a long time.

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ETO Sterilizer Gujarat

Safety is becoming the area of concern with the extreme spreading of infections. You never know from where the disease will speculate and harm your life. Therefore, it is essential to have the best available option to protect against harmful diseases. Our professionals take great care of the types of equipments used in the formation; with the technical knowledge and experience, it has been easy for them to fulfill different challenging sterilizer requirements with perfection. As ETO Gas is explosive and flammable, exposure to it may cause severe harm; we have made high-quality chambers from stainless steel that are technically proven and have been quality tested to prevent any malfunctioning.

The ETO Sterilizers we produce are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose the best sterilizing equipment from us as per your suitable requirements at reasonably fair prices. Our Double Door ETO sterilizers have enough strength and capacity that they can withstand excessive workloads without any inconveniences. It has a longer shelf life, and the quality of sterilization our devices provide is impeccable.

Features of the Double Door ETO sterilizers

Electric Heaters

6 kW

Vacuum Pump Power

1.5 HP

Water Circulation Pump Power

0.5 HP

Working Pressure

1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2

Working Temperature

55 to 60 Degree


Stainless Steel

Type Of Sterilizer

Double Door Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Chamber Dimension

4x4x6 Feet


2 Year

Automation Grade

Fully Automatic


Krishna Engineering

Chamber Volume

2.72 m3

Features of the Double Door ETO sterilizers:

  • Available in single door or hinged door variants.
  • Optimum heat distribution is ensured.
  • Fully auto operated system.
  • Accurate ETO sterilization.
  • Long time support and flexibility of use.
  • Easy and safe to handle.
  • Low temperature operation.
  • Minimum cost of operation with high productivity.
  • Different size and shape availability.
eto sterilizer suppliers mumbai
ETO Sterilizer Gujarat

Applications of the Double Door ETO sterilizer:

  • All types of heat sensitive medical instruments
  • Nursing homes
  • Healthcare centers
  • Optical centers
  • Catheters
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Surgical units and many others.

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