Surgical ETO Sterilizer

Surgical tools, instruments and devices industry require very effectual sterilization process for completely wiping out the microbes that can potentially infect the surgery patients on coming in direct contact with their body.

ETO sterilization is one of the most popular methods employed in this industry. This is because certain surgical devices and tools cannot be subjected to heat or humid conditions for ideal performance requirements. ETO sterilizers make use of ethylene gas which is alkylating in nature and thereby capable of disturbing the DNA of pathogens and avoiding them from reproducing further. The entire process is carried out between 30 °C to 60 °C. It is also very effective and safe.

We being the leading Surgical ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer make certain that our products are very qualitative and efficient as well as in compliance to the norms of the industry.  They are resistant to corrosion & rust as well as encompass double jacketed closed chamber. This has a vacuum pump, pressure gauges, temperature gauges along with nozzle connection for hot & cold water. The equipment has one door equipped with central locking system so as to close the chamber tightly. Our products are very reasonable priced.

Surgical ETO Sterilizer India
Surcagil ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer


Model in Feet Volumetric  Capacity in m3 Working pressure Working Temperature Vacuum Pump Water Circulation Pump Electric Heaters
3x3x2 0.45 m3 1 to 1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 1 HP 0.5 hp 3 KW
5x5x1 4.89 m3 1 to 1.2 kg/cm2 45to 55°c 1.5 HP 1 hp 6 KW
4x4x6 2.72 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 2 HP 0.5 hp 5 KW
4x4x8 3.60 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 2.5 HP 1 HP 7 KW
5x5x10 6.97 m3 1.0 to2 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 3 HP 1 HP 10 KW
5x5x15 11.25 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 3 HP 1 HP 12 KW
6x6x15 16.2 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 5 HP 1.5 HP 18 KW
6x6x20 19.44 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 5 HP 1.5 HP 27 KW
7x7x20 26.46 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 7.5 HP 3 HP 36 KW
7x7x30 44.1 m3 1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2 45 to 55°c 10 HP 2 HP 48 KW


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