Table Top ETO Sterilizer

Established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we are engaged in producing a wide variety of Table Top ETO Sterilizers to satisfy the safety motives of consumers on a large scale. This type of sterilizer is influential in different industries, hospitals, and clinical sectors offering treatment and research work. In this sterilization process, ethyl oxide gas disinfects medical equipment from bacterial attacks.

In today’s world, you don’t know; from where the disease will spread and cause harm. It is necessary to have a sterilizer that can solve all the concerns for disinfection. Disinfection becomes a problem for equipment that is heat sensitive and cannot tolerate steam sterilization. The items that cannot withstand high temperatures involve sterile components, injections, plastic components, laboratory ancillaries, and other medical devices. This type of sterilizer is also required in pharmaceuticals industries to safeguard pharma products from bacterial infection; caused by microscopic bacteria present in the environment.

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The Table Top ETO Sterilizers we produce have an impeccable capacity to filter out magnificent microbes, thereby safeguarding the equipment for a long time. ETO is a colorless gas safe for delicate items and leaves no particles after sterilization. Sterilization takes place in specific chambers involving three steps; preconditioning, sterilization, and aeration. Preconditioning enables the effluents to come out of hibernation. Sterilization provides no condition for microbes present on instruments to die. Aeration helps to remove the left-out matter present, thereby cleaning and making them ready to use in the specified application. The services sterilizer offers in the consumer industry are incomparable and available at an affordable price rate. Our engineers have efficiently designed and developed this device to fulfill industrial requirements with long-term stability and accuracy. In addition to this, we are offering support for tablETOp ETO sterilizers in every corner of the state. So, consumers can give us a call as we offer prompt service & support for table top ETO Sterilizers in Ahmedabad. Our experts will reach you at the interim time as soon as possible.

Technical specifications of table top ETO sterilizers

Mounting Type

Table Top



Country of Origin

Made in India




Stainless Steel

Type Of Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Chamber Dimension

45" X 20" X 20"


Krishna Engineering

Features of Table Top ETO Sterilizers:

  • Accurate storage capacity and appropriate concentration of ETO gas is ensured.
  • Flexible ETO cartridges installed.
  • Fully automated PLC based controlled unit.
  • High quality stainless steel chambers offering leakproof service.
  • Password protect for security motives.
  • LED Screen to inform about the phase and time of operation.
  • Sturdy construction ensures robust service.
ETO sterilizer suppliers mumbai
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Applications of table top ETO sterilizers:

  • Carry out medical and surgical procedures
  • Safeguard electrical components
  • Delicate devices that can be damaged during heating effects
  • Pharmaceutical accessories

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