Application of ETO Sterilizer


Contamination is one of the major issues the food industries need to take care of, at global level. Many metallic and plastic material cannot and be sterilized by means of other sterilization technique similar to steam sterilization. ETO sterilization procedure is considered as one of the most apt and reliable means to sterilize in the food industries. Our Food Steam Sterilizer is widely applied for this industry. Our equipment promotes safe and hygienic food consumption and thus helps in maintaining the reputation the industry. We are the leading exporter of Food Sterilizer from India.


Medicine and Surgery

Certain medical and surgical tools and equipment cannot tolerate moisture & heat and may lose their properties or ability to function well. Certain disposables are easy to sterilize with bio medical steam sterilizers as compared to the traditional sterilization methods of this field as they are very perfect for pressures, moisture and vacuums sensitive objects.

Medical industries, surgical equipment and tools industry internationally find our equipment ideal for ETO Sterilization. They are not just potential for their vital applications but also very safe for the environment. Our products are reliable and very cost-efficient and durable too. They are tested and verified for their quality, safety and performance.


Textile & Garments

ETO sterilization is the best process for sterilizing textile fabrics. This is because certain fabrics are prone to shrinking and color fading when subjected to high temperature and moisture. We being the principal ETO Sterilizer exporter of India find that textile industries are switching over to this contemporary method for sterilizing their fabrics.

Our supreme grade, latest technology based high performance ETO sterilizers are exceptionally preferred as they are very efficient and consistent in destroying the pathological micro-organisms in conjunction with their spores. Our machines are safe, user-friendly, very durable and energy-efficient. We offer them at market leading price rates.